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The satta matka game is a sort of mysterious and online wagering game played immensely by individuals with forceful energy and love. It is a sort of lottery game where players bet to win a major prize against genuine cash. Pretty much every youthful and middle of the road player plays online satta on our application called OM Shive Matka App.

Need to play a professional matka game online? Download OM Shive Matka App which is the best Satta Matka Playing application gives all Matka results such as Madhur Morning, Milan Day, Kalyan, and so forth.

Online Satta Matka App

Benefits of Playing Online Matka Game On Our App

Honestly, online satta games are getting popular day by day and so increase in the number of players around the globe. Especially, in India, the people are generous about playing such a type of game called lottery or online casino. People try their luck to win at Satta Matka – and our application is just the perfect platform!

How To Play Live Matka On OM Shive Matka App?

Regardless of the skills to play this game, luck matters a lot. Test your luck and beat the odds and win the big jackpot waiting for you!

Online Matka Game Play Rates

Online Matka Play Rates. OM Shive online matka rates at an affordable price.

Single 10 ka 100 , Jodi 10 ka 1000,  Single Patti 10 ka 1500, Double Patti 10 ka 3000, Triple Patti 10 ka 5000, Half Sangam 10 ka 10000, Full Sangam 10 ka 100000.

Matka Bazaar Opening and Closing Time

Here is the complete and accurate satta matka, kalyan open close (time table) according to the market.

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# Company Name Open Time Close Time
1 KALYAN 04:50 pm 06:50 pm
2 KALYAN NIGHT 09:15 pm 11:30 pm
3 MADHUR DAY 01:15 pm 02:25 pm
4 MADHUR NIGHT 08:40 pm 10:40 pm
5 MADHURI 11:45 am 12:45 pm
6 MADHURI NIGHT 06:45 pm 07:45 pm
7 MAIN BAZAR 09:35 pm 12:05 am
13 MILAN DAY 02:15 pm 04:15 pm
14 MILAN NIGHT 09:10 pm 11:10 pm
15 RAJDHANI DAY 03:55 pm 05:56 pm
16 RAJDHANI NIGHT 09:30 pm 11:45 pm
17 SRIDEVI 11:35 am 12:35 pm
18 SRIDEVI NIGHT 07:25 pm 08:25 pm
19 TIME BAZAR 01:00 pm 03:15 pm

Why Choose Om Shiv Matka - Online Matka App?

Online matka play infers mental ability and depends on speculating playing design. In the event that you bet right, you most certainly win a major sum. Our online satta play application has been the superb decision for all satta beginner and experienced players since we offer them the best interface to speculation and win tremendous sums through us. Also, our specialists consistently endeavor to make online matka play app kalyan really entrapuring and adoring and become the best kalyan matka app leader in this area, matka play with kalyan deceives and tips to play matka on the web.

Discussing our incredible application is planned and created by a group of splendid satta matka aficionados whereby you experience exceptional presentiment and straightaway become familiar with the in-imperfections and out-defects of matka play. Likewise our application is upheld with different matka play agenda and games tips and deceives to become professional.

Don’t think too much! Online play matka with us – at OM Shive Matka App available on Google Play Store.

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I will give 5 star to this online matka app as I am wining here. It's luck for me. I will suggest to download this online matka app and play. Here you no need to worry about payments. Everything is transparent. Good luck for on shive matka.
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Vinay Shivhare
I have download Om Shive Matka and start playing matka in that. its really a good mobile app for online matka play. You can play all type of Satta matka like Single, Double, Jodi etc. and you can get most of important information about online matka. at the end I can say Om Shive Matka Online app is one of the best application for Matka lovers.
Girdhari Singh
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